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RBW’s newest collection, Topo, levels up project versatility exuding both elegance and innovation. The Topo sconce joins the simplicity of a glass globe with the organic texture of a new, innovative material. Topo’s construction is both minimal and inviting, seamlessly joining an elliptical glass bulb to the unique visual textures of its circular backplate. Offered in a selection of rich earth tones, the backplate radiates with organic warmth as the sophisticated light illuminates the organic patterns on its surface softly leaning into a touch of texture.

Topo is the first of its kind to feature an innovative composite material combining the strength and durability of cement with the flexibility of FSC- and PEFC-certified wood bringing individuality into your design. The material evokes the familiar patterns and textures of terrazzo while meeting the requirements to support the latest LEED certification.

This collection blends artistry and earth with originality offering five distinct color options, Oat, Straw, Clay, Rust, and Basalt, and two sizes (8.5” and 12”) with added dimming capabilities. Each backplate presents its own unique pattern, ideal for installation on its own or as part of a group composition.

Create an ambiance within your space that feels equal parts organic as it does understated. Elevate your design with the Topo Collection.


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