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Increase sound absorption and reduce glare with the Lean acoustic lay-in luminaire by A-Lighting Architectural Lighting by Acuity Brands. With its sleek appearance and impressive performance, Lean is sure to enhance any interior space. When designing this 2’x2’ fixture, so much thought and consideration was involved. Lean puts sustainability at the forefront, is designer-friendly, and provides high-quality performance, so you can feel confident when choosing Lean for your next lighting project.

Lean was developed entirely through the lens of sustainability. From the components and materials that have been used and the partners who supply them, to the packaging and shipping of the products, everything has been considered. Lean is Declare label listed and the electrical wires are Red List free, which enhances transparency and features materials that contain low volatile organic compounds. The acoustic panels are made with 40% recycled PET bottles to reduce plastic waste in landfills and oceans. In addition to utilizing recyclable materials, the packaging and shipping were also designed with sustainability in mind. A major goal during the planning process was to optimize Lean’s packaging and minimize the amount of space it required while being transferred. Shipping with only three components, Lean is 80% lighter than a traditional 2’x2’ fixture and can fit approximately 168 fixtures on one standard shipping pallet. With fewer materials, packaging, and space used in shipping, less fuel is consumed, and less carbon is emitted, reducing the overall shipping impact by as much as 88%.

Designed to be sustainable without losing performance, Lean delivers high efficacy and symmetric lighting for a comfortable user experience. Direct light distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that suppresses glare and shadows, and the sound-absorbing material contributes to reducing noise for a less distracting environment. Even though Lean was designed to be incorporated into existing job tiles, HE technology reflective tiles are also available and can be specified when preferred. These tiles have been developed to provide tighter optical tolerances, improved efficacy, and surface uniformity.

Lean opens many avenues for creativity, with its wedge-like shape and recessed reflective surface, it brings a design element and special depth to grid ceilings while offering an abundance of flexibility for the designer. Lean can also be configured in various ways. Designers can augment a grid ceiling with an individual 2’x2’, or Lean can be placed back-to-back, side-to-side, and even in clusters of multiple fixtures for a truly impactful design. Additionally, the acoustic panels are available in four standard and 26 premium colors, allowing designers to craft how a space looks and feels with room-defining bursts of color. With Lean, the possibilities are endless.


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