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Prudential Lighting, a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions, is continuously seeking ways to refine and enhance their products to exceed industry expectations. The Gaze Series accomplishes just that with its modern and sleek style designed to captivate audiences with its versatility and performance.

The Gaze Series is available in both round and square shapes with sizes ranging from 12” to 48”. With three different edge styles including soft, hard, and spool, and 18 premium color finishes, this thin profile luminaire meets many different design needs and can be seamlessly integrated into any architectural space.

Offering quick lead times and an easy installation process, incorporating Gaze fixtures into your lighting project will ultimately save on time and cost, allowing architects and designers to stay on track with budget and deadlines. These products can be surface mounted on both a ceiling and wall as well as suspended from a ceiling. Its single-stem ceiling mount fits all styles and sizes, and the hidden cable grips create a nearly floating effect. The canopies are available in black and white finishes and can tilt up to 30 degrees for sloped ceiling installations.

The entire Gaze series can also incorporate acoustic capabilities to provide beautiful sound absorption. Perfect for open office spaces, high ceilings, and buildings with hard floors, Gaze acoustics are designed to improve sound quality by reducing echoes and background noise while creating a more aesthetically enhanced and peaceful environment. With 35 acoustic color options, Gaze seamlessly blends into its environment or can become a focal point that provides a unique burst of color.  

Staying on top of industry sustainability trends, Prudential Lighting ensures all their standard fixtures are Declare Labeled and Red List Approved, which includes the entire Gaze series. There is complete transparency on how Gaze products are made and what they are made with, and there are no Red List chemicals used during the manufacturing process.

To learn more about the full Gaze series, click the link below or contact us directly for personalized assistance on your next lighting project.


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