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Acuity Brands Design Select

Looking for a solution that makes lighting and controls easy even with tight deadlines? Look no further than Acuity Brands Design Select™ Portfolio!

This portfolio features the most popular, readily available, and configurable products on the market. With Design Select™ you can select with confidence around functionality, price, and delivery when specifying, designing, or choosing products for your next project.

That's not all, the Design Select™ portfolio offers embedded control options that help you meet energy codes, lower total cost, and provide easier control design. With embedded control options, you can design and execute your projects with ease without sacrificing quality.

Fast lead times are also a hallmark of Design Select™ with regional shipments being shipped within two days, and Design Select™ products are shipped within 15 days or less. You can trust that your product is delivered on time, every time.

Are you ready to simplify your next project? Check out the Acuity Brands website linked below to learn more.


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