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LESCO Lighting Now Representing Minimis

We are delighted to share our new representation of MINIMIS, known for the world’s smallest lighting for indoor / outdoor. They are an innovative brand that is revolutionizing the luxury illumination market. With their commitment to exquisite design, engineering excellence, and uncompromising quality, they have gained a reputation for creating the world's most minuscule luminaires. All titanium, UL listed, Made in USA.

Since 2010, MINIMIS has been recognized for small point source lighting. Their products range from recessed/in-grade spots and floods to architectural stairs, step, path, and hall lighting, to micro-minuscule staked landscape lighting. Every luminaire is individually handcrafted to a startling tolerance of 0.05mm, with products with fixture diameter of an American nickel to products no larger than a postage stamp. Their subtle, yet powerful fixtures are the perfect solution for high-end residential, restaurant, hospitality, parks and recreation, civic, religious, and institutional projects.

Employing only the finest, most meticulously selected, and all-resistant materials, MINIMIS products are designed to withstand even the most demanding environments. From warm, inviting interiors to the harshest marine, desert, and arctic conditions, their fixtures seamlessly combine elegance, luxury, and performance.

They understand the importance of creating solutions that are not only powerful in terms of light output but also blend seamlessly within the decorative architectural design, offering the effect of light without the fixture itself announcing its presence. They achieve this by utilizing custom precision-crafted optics engineered in-house, and made in Milan and Finland. The result is a range of astonishingly small fixture form factors that offer unparalleled elegance and luxury without compromising on performance.

LESCO Lighting is proud to be partnering with MINIMIS and offering their range of the world’s smallest luminaires to our customers. A global brand, MINIMIS, is represented worldwide by a carefully curated selection of professional representatives. These representatives have undergone rigorous training in their offerings, advantages, and installation methods. This ensures that customers receive the highest level of service and support when working with MINIMIS.

Contact LESCO Lighting today to learn more about how these lighting solutions can transform your designs.

For more information about MINIMIS and their stunning portfolio, please visit their website by clicking the link below:


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