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Color Field by Eureka Lighting

We are excited to unveil Eureka Lighting’s remarkable Color Field product family. This innovative collection showcases Eureka Lighting's commitment to creating lighting fixtures that not only illuminate spaces but also add an artistic and expressive touch.

This collection embraces the power of color and form to create a visual and sensory experience. Inspired by the Color Field painting movement that originated in New York in the 1950s, these luminaires present a fusion of deeply saturated colors, large-scale formats, and simple shapes. The result is a captivating trio of acoustic luminaires that bring both life and sound-absorbing features into any space.

With three distinctive designs - Joli, Elke, and Marro - and an impressive palette of 30 colors, the Color Field collection offers endless possibilities for customization. Each luminaire serves as a canvas where the expressive power of color can be harnessed to make a strong decorative design statement. From captivating bursts of color and bubbles of light in the Joli design, to Elke's classic shade form with a vertical profile ideal for open working areas and transition spaces, Marro's broad profile, perfect for lower ceilings and intimate working areas, each luminaire brings its own unique touch to any environment.

Eureka Lighting's dedication to quality and functionality is evident in the Color Field collection. These luminaires not only enhance the visual aesthetics of a space, but they also provide superior acoustic properties, helping to create a more comfortable and productive environment. The combination of striking design and exceptional performance makes the collection a perfect choice for a wide range of applications, from offices and workplaces to hospitality and residential settings.

Eureka Lighting, part of the Acuity Brands family, has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1987. Their passion for designing distinctive and high-quality luminaires has earned them a reputation for excellence. The Color Field collection exemplifies Eureka Lighting's dedication to pushing the boundaries of lighting design and providing innovative solutions that enhance environments. To learn more about the Color Field collection and explore the possibilities it offers, click the link below.


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