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Lumenfacade Max by Lumenpulse

We are excited to present the Lumenfacade Max, a linear fixture packed with never-before-seen technologies that are set to redefine the lighting industry.

One of the unique features of Lumenfacade Max is its incorporation of Opticolor™ - a patented technology by Lumenpulse. By being the first linear fixture in the world to feature Opticolor™, Lumenfacade Max shines brighter than ever before with maximum performance, maximum technology, and maximum quality of light. This technology ensures that every color emitted is rich, vivid, and consistent, with no compromise on quality.

In addition to Opticolor™, Lumenfacade Max introduces another innovative technology known as Optidrive™. With Optidrive™, Lumenfacade Max allows users to increase their reach, extend their vision, escalate the drama, and intensify their design, all without any loss in outcome. Optidrive™ confidently takes the wheel and drives the applause for every application, setting a new standard in lighting automation.

When it comes to versatility, Lumenfacade Max has it all. It offers a range of lighting options, including static white, color changing, and dynamic white. This flexibility ensures that designers and architects have the freedom to create captivating and dynamic lighting displays tailored to their specific needs.


Moreover, Lumenfacade Max boasts an impressive selection of eighteen optics to choose from. This includes a true 10° x 10° beam spread with flawless color mixing and several asymmetric options that guarantee immaculate consistency. The patented, in-house optics of Lumenfacade Max provide an unfluctuating blend regardless of the chosen beam spread.

Lumenpulse has taken a step further by introducing the first Dynamic White fixture with Opticolor™ technology in the Lumenfacade Max. This groundbreaking innovation allows users to create dynamic and understated visuals, allowing architectural finishes and details to capture the eye. Furthermore, the Dim to Warm option effortlessly replicates the warm and comforting ambiance of previous incandescent installations.

Lumenfacade Max offers unmatched color vibrancy, accuracy, and consistency while providing maximum performance and quality of light. Its versatility, range of lighting options, and impeccable optics make it an indispensable tool for designers and architects alike.

Step into the world of Lumenfacade Max and experience a new era in lighting technology.


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