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BEGA Furniture

Looking for continuity in your exterior design? Look no further than BEGA’s brand new category of products, BEGA Furniture. This new portfolio matches the quality and timeless aesthetic that BEGA is well known for.

With a product design approach based on families and brand continuity, BEGA will continue to remain your premier provider for all your architectural outdoor needs. BEGA’s furniture offerings include three different design sets: BEGA Furniture, the RENDEVOUS Collection by Aubrilam, and the UTYL Collection by Aubrilam.

Designed with clean lines, sleek forms, and durable materials that are built to last. BEGA Furniture combines aluminum structures finished in BEGA Unidure™ with durable high pressure laminate surfaces. Complete your architectural outdoor design with tables, chairs, benches, waste management, planters, and partitions which are now available in High Pressure Laminate two colors.

Explore BEGA’s new furniture offerings by clicking the link below.


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