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Fluxwerx Hyphen

Fluxwerx's new product, Hyphen, is a collection of discrete, recessed, and surface luminaires that offers exceptional visual comfort and unique options for designing and defining spaces. The collection includes 10" or 20" forms with an ultra-narrow and linear aesthetic that delineates a dashed path. Available in recessed, surface, and fixed and adjustable versions, Hyphen transcends traditional general area illumination and downlighting.

The Hyphen Surface provides the perfect amount of light exactly where you want it, with 10 and 20 inch increments and single and twin optical output configurations. The collection features minimalist aesthetics and unique and specific functional forms that offer 90° vertical-motion and 360° horizontal rotational adjustability, giving users complete control. Hyphen is the complementary continuation of the ultra-narrow 0.71" optical aesthetic of Fluxwerx's Portal and Lines fixtures, offering aesthetically aligned solutions to achieve any design vision. With Hyphen, users can change their minds or environments, as it embodies a pure synthesis of design and architecture that defines the path intersecting imagination and creativity.


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