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Turning Waste into Beauty with High Profile by Delta Light

Delta Light has teamed up with the Dutch Architecture firm, MVRDV, to create High Profile, a collection of striking luminaires inspired by leftover aluminum profiles. With sustainability as a major topic and critical changes being made around the world, Delta Light decided to take a deep look at their manufacturing process and found the opportunity to turn residual elements that would normally be discarded as waste into something beautiful and functional.  


With lighting as a key part of architecture, the offcuts of the product are always left being a residual component and rarely seen. However, with High Profile, these scrap elements now have their chance to be the focal point of the design, which was the inspiration for their unique name. 


Even though these aluminum offcuts would typically be sent to a recycling center, the environmental impact is still significantly reduced because the parts no longer need to be newly manufactured or transported from the production plant. Developing a new design with waste material also eliminates the need to invent a completely new product, saving on time, costs, and materials.  


In addition to being made from industrial elements, the High Profile series wanted to reduce its environmental impact even further. It is designed to be easily disassembled meaning that parts of the raw materials can be reused in other projects at the end of their life. The intent of this design is to bring inspiration to a space and teach designers and architects to find beauty in the everyday and opportunity in what is usually ignored.  


This award-winning collection offers a cube-shaped pendant, an arched wall sconce, and a free-standing floor lamp, all available in various colors and sizes. Its industrial design is softened with color dips in either pink, white, or turquoise. They can also be left alone to showcase a random assortment of aluminum finishes. Each High Profile lamp is handmade with meticulous attention to detail and can be used as a statement piece in any interior application. 


If you are interested in a more sustainable approach for your next project, the High Profile series is a wonderful solution. To further explore this collection of upcycled lighting fixtures, reach out to your LESCO representative and they will be happy to assist you. 


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