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RBW Highline

RBW's latest product, Highline, is an adaptable and easy-to-install lighting system that marries the flexibility of a linear fixture with the thoughtful design of a decorative pendant. Partnering with industrial designer Jonas Damon, Highline's slim, suspended beam pairs with three distinct fixture options, including a cone pendant, a dual-axis swivel spotlight, and a felt shade made from 90% post-consumer fibers. Additionally, Highline offers a linear uplight that casts a diffuse glow.

Highline's fixtures can be easily swapped out and repositioned without the use of any tools. The beam itself, offered in 4-foot and 8-foot lengths, lends itself to endless customization. The system elevates traditional track lighting through its thoughtfully considered details, including its graceful hanging armatures, black anodized finish, and chamfered edges of its understated aluminum beam. Highline is the perfect solution for a wide range of projects, offering endless possibilities for customization and expression.


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