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Nurse station featuring Mainline by VLT

Meet Mainline by VLT, the new high-performance, ultra-compact, user-friendly, and discreet luminaire. Mainline is the epitome of versatility, effortlessly maneuvering its way through tight corners and spaces, making it the ultimate choice for under cabinet, cove, and display lighting.

With a range of customizable lengths, Mainline caters to your unique needs, starting from a minimum size of 8.25 inches, stretching all the way up to a generous 44 inches. Say goodbye to disjointed lighting installations and revel in the seamless glow of Mainline, which can be effortlessly installed in continuous row applications, spanning up to 82 feet.

Mainline's high-performance LED technology with a built-in selectable color temperature switch and uniform light distribution provides exceptional lighting quality for various settings. Whether it's the captivating setting of an office, the enchanting atmosphere of a museum, or the welcoming ambiance of a hospitality venue, Mainline delivers a uniform, glare-free lighting experience that sets the perfect mood.

If there's one thing that you should know about Mainline, it’s that it is simple. With a quick-connect design, integral driver, and built-in mounting magnets, installation is a breeze. Learn more by clicking the link below!


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