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Lumenfacade Pure by Lumenpulse

The new Lumenfacade Pure from Lumenpulse is a testimony to quality of light. With the best efficacy in the industry, optimized optics with never-before-achieved precision and blend, and an exceptional quality of construction, the Lumenfacade Pure possesses a minimalist design that blends effortlessly with architecture allowing the magic of lighting to take center stage.

This product supplies a myriad of unique optics, five standard static white CCTs, mounting options, controls, accessories, and finishes. With four lengths and three outputs available, the new Lumenfacade Pure is becoming the go-to product for the lighting community providing a highly engineered lighting solution adaptable to all architectural projects.

Rethink the possibilities with the pure sophistication of Lumenfacade Pure. Visit the Lumenpulse website to learn more. Link below!


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