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Levante by Luceplan

LESCO is thrilled to represent Luceplan, a renowned lighting manufacturer known for their innovative and captivating designs. Today, we highlight one of Luceplan's exceptional creations, Levante, a suspension luminaire that lives within their novelties collection.

Designed by the talented Marco Spatti, this statement fixture exudes elegance and sophistication. Spatti, a Milan-based product designer, is known for his meticulous awareness towards functionality and usability in his designs. His approach combines a deep understanding of design history with a drive for innovation, resulting in projects that are truly unique.

Levante is a testament to Spatti's design philosophy. This eye-catching installation stems from the intersection of three large fans that gracefully connect with a magnet, creating a stunning framework that surrounds the hidden light core. This fixture’s delicate design and attention to detail make it a perfect product to add a subtle impact to hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other commercial spaces.

What sets this decorative fixture apart is its ability to blend timeless aesthetics with modern materials. Spatti's inventive use of materials and his reinterpretation of classic styles result in a light that is both contemporary and enduring. Levante is not just a light application; it is a work of art that adds character to any environment.

To explore the beauty and brilliance of Levante and other exquisite lighting options from Luceplan, click the link below. Enhance your space with Levante and experience the perfect fusion of art and design.


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