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The Lumistik exterior product family offers an elegant solution for outdoor lighting, with a diverse range of options that can create a cohesive design. Whether you need columns, bollards, or pendants, Lumistik has the versatility to tackle any exterior lighting challenge.

When it comes to safety and security, Lumistik's bollards come in 3", 6", and 8" diameters, while columns are available in 6" and 8" diameters. Mix and match these lighting fixtures to meet your aesthetic preferences and construct a well-lit environment that ensures both safety and style.

Lumistik also offers wall-mount options with a 3" diameter in varying heights. These wall-mount fixtures provide the flexibility of uplight and downlight capabilities, allowing you to highlight specific wall elements or provide directional lighting to guide users safely through the space.

For a touch of architectural elegance, Lumistik's all-purpose pendants are available in six sizes, catering to the needs of both interior and exterior designs. Their sleek design enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a sophisticated touch to your lighting concept.

Taking it a step further, Lumistik offers options for nLight AIR enabled and full-color tuning capabilities. With a palette of over 16 million hues, landscape architects, architects, and lighting designers can incorporate color into spaces to accentuate landscaping features or make a bold statement. Moreover, these products are available in faux wood finishes, adding an extra level of detail to complete your project.

From columns and bollards to wall-mounts and pendants, Lumistik gives you the power to create a sleek and cohesive design that seamlessly flows from the interior to the exterior of your project. To learn more about Lumistik’s, click the link below.


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