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Fluxwerx Fall 2023 Launch Luminaries

Fluxwerx Illumination has recently unveiled its latest Fall 2023 luminaires that are set to impress.

Introducing the View Mini, Lines Onwall, and Lines Cantilever, these new products are based on the award-winning View and Lines families and push the boundaries of what is possible.

"We strive to create differentiated luminaires that balance design and performance, without compromise. This pursuit leads us to today and the introduction of View Mini, plus Lines Onwall and Lines Cantilever, the two new additions to our Lines family," explains Reuben Bartlett, President of Fluxwerx Illumination.

The View Mini, a scaled-down version of the original View, offers a transparent, vertical optics design that blends seamlessly with architecture. Resized to integrate with architectural materials, this product delivers a balance of efficacy, optical performance, style, and visual comfort. With a variety of aesthetic and capability options available, the View Mini can truly match any vision.

The Lines Onwall and Lines Cantilever, both new additions to the Lines family, join the divergent and diminutive Lines Suspended system. With new discrete and continuous wall-mounted sections, plus multiple pivoting luminaire and wall connections, these fixtures add even more design flexibility to the expanded Lines family. Combining comfort, control, and effective perimeter illumination, the Lines Onwall and Lines Cantilever connect with your creativity.

Fluxwerx Illumination continues to balance design and performance with their ongoing commitment to create differentiated luminaires that push the boundaries of what is possible. These latest Fall 2023 launches are a testament to that commitment, delivering streamlined and effective lighting solutions for any space.

Learn more about their Fall 2023 launch by clicking the link below.


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