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Silhouette Healthcare Lighting Acuity Brands

Silhouette from Healthcare Lighting, a subsidiary of Acuity Brands, is a family of high-performing decorative luminaires crafted to redefine elegance in healthcare facilities. This series is available in two pendant forms, a ceiling mount, and complimentary wall sconces that can create either a subtle accent in a hallway or patient room, or a dramatic statement in a lobby or entrance.

Delivering unmatched optical performance and visual comfort, Silhouette significantly elevates the look and feel of any healthcare space. Creating an inviting environment for patients, staff, and visitors, this series is designed to reduce glare and eliminate pixelization. These luminaires use a high transmission and high hiding power acrylic diffuser combined with proprietary internal optics to create a large, uniformly lit source in both flush and drop lens configurations. The batwing distribution also allows luminaires to be spaced further apart while maintaining a uniformly lit surface.

Silhouette includes many key features that allow this series to be seamlessly integrated into various hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. The independently specifiable distributions convert the atmosphere by allowing the lumen output to be specified in a wide range between direct and indirect distributions. Additionally, with 13 vibrant paint finishes and five distinct patterns available for each form, Silhouette offers multiple design possibilities to help relieve anxiety and elevate the experience of a health facility.

In addition to providing plenty of design versatility, Silhouette offers highly advanced dimming and control options that deliver a smooth and flicker-free performance. With comfort and care in mind for patients and staff, all Silhouette fixtures are available in tunable white and warm dimming distributions. Tunable white lighting provides the ability to control color temperatures while maintaining brightness. Warm dimming is reminiscent of evening light, which dramatically impacts the ambiance of a space and creates a more welcoming atmosphere.

Explore the possibilities of high-performing, decorative lighting by contacting your LESCO representative today to begin your journey towards transforming healthcare spaces.


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